Can Tomatoes Help You Stop Smoking?

We all know that recent studies have shown that exercising can raise your chances of quitting smoking for good, but did you know that new studies have shown that lycopene may also inhibit nicotine addiction?

When it comes to exercise, you’ll be too busy trying to catch your breath from all the physical activity to even attempt to reach for that pack of cigarettes. And who wants to ruin a good pasta dish with cigarette smoke… well—let’s take science’s word for it.

According to this study, it’s because exercising and lycopene can both help curb the urge for nicotine— (more…)

Italian Foods Are Not the Enemy

Lycopene in Italian Food

When you’re dieting and trying to eat healthily, what the first thing that you give up? Junk food and pasta, pizza and all your favorite, cheese-laden Italian fares.

Let me tell you now—you don’t have to. (more…)

Sneaky Tomato Recipes For Kids

Want your kids to eat tomatoes?

Arguments of whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables aside—if you’re a kid, it’s likely that you’re going to hate them. But there’s just too many health benefits derived from tomatoes to let this one slide. So here are some sneaky ways to get your little ones some much-needed lycopene before they can say no.

Consider it your kids’ starter plates to a world of healthy eating. Try these recipes out and see how easy it can be to get your kids loving their greens (or reds—as the case may be):

Stock up on some healthy snack-time options with some bread, crackers and a jar of rich tomato jam

The Science of Tomatoes

The Science of Tomatoes

They say the heart creates enough energy to power a truck through 20 miles, everyday. So that little pitter patter on your chest? Multiply that by a lifetime and that’s enough energy to get you to the moon and back.

Needless to say that heart health is something that everyone should pay attention to. So start by making sure you have enough nutrients to keep your heart healthy. (more…)

5 Beauty Benefits of Tomatoes

Beauty Benefits of Tomatoes

Forget about getting ridiculously painful (and expensive) Botox injections just to get younger-looking skin. Tomatoes can give you the same effect for less and with your facial expressions intact.

Apart from being a superfood, tomatoes also have properties that can give expensive skin care creams in the market today a run for their money. Here are a five suggestions on how you can include tomatoes into your skin care regimen: (more…)