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Lycopene for Bone Health

Tomato Lycopene & Bone Health

A long time study on a group of people, more than 350 men and 550 women, has revealed some astonishing results. The report was published in the 2009 January edition of “Journal of Bone and Mineral Research”. The study was done for the period of 1998 until 2003. In this research the subjects were divided into two parts, one having a higher intake of Tomato Lycopene and the other with normal intake. Both groups had an audience older than 45 years of age. The study found that the group with more lycopene intake had a lower chance of hip and non vertebral fracture. The findings led researchers to believe that lycopene had properties of strengthening bone structure and thus leads to much less fractures or breaks.

The researchers also suggested that they have found positive association between lycopene intake with hip fractures and osteoporotic fractures. Consumption of more than 4.4 servings of lycopene resulted in significantly fewer fractures.

In the same field, there was one more study that was published in “Osteoporosis International”. The article was backed by a report from Mr. L G Rao, principal researcher at a calcium research laboratory in Canada. It stated that in post menopausal women an increase in intake of lycopene reduced oxidative stress and reduced the chances of osteoporosis. This report was published in the year 2007 with background research carried out for more than 12 years.


When we see both these researches together a very strong case of lycopene helping bone strengthening can be made. A point to remember is that in all the above cases lycopene had been obtained from a diet that was rich in the carotenoid obtained from tomato products. Tomato paste and Tomato puree are considered to be the major source of lycopene.

Dr. Zohar Nir who is vice president of Lycored, a new product development and scientific research company, was totally convinced with the benefits of lycopene and was happy that Osteoporosis, which is a big health concern among the ageing population, can be helped by the natural intake of Lycopene which also increases bone strength. The ageing population will benefit most from all of this research.

Lyc-O-Mato which is a tomato extract is considered to be responsible for the generation of lycopene in the human body. There is much more research being carried out at Lycored. The research is focused on studying Lyc-O-Mato’s effects on cardiovascular well being and skin health. With all this research going on one can be sure about the commitment of Lycored on the subject and many more benefits of lycopene being proven in the future.

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