Can Tomatoes Help You Stop Smoking?

We all know that recent studies have shown that exercising can raise your chances of quitting smoking for good, but did you know that new studies have shown that lycopene may also inhibit nicotine addiction?

When it comes to exercise, you’ll be too busy trying to catch your breath from all the physical activity to even attempt to reach for that pack of cigarettes. And who wants to ruin a good pasta dish with cigarette smoke… well—let’s take science’s word for it.

According to this study, it’s because exercising and lycopene can both help curb the urge for nicotine—

“Looking at 19 past clinical trials, researchers found that a bout of exercise generally helped hopeful quitters tamp down their nicotine cravings. Whether that all translates into a greater chance of quitting, though, is unclear.”

Of course, if you ask me, I’d say the next time you feel the need to light up, it might be better to jog, walk, hike, swim, skate, chug a V8—anything that gets your butt of that couch.

That said—remember that the average smoker typically makes five or six attempts before they are finally able to quit smoking. So if you’ve already tried and failed, don’t be afraid to try again.

I’d recommend a combination of therapies and techniques—maybe nicotine replacement coupled with some regular exercise until your finally able to kick the habit.

It’s time to trade that pack of smokes in for finding a fitness trainer and a can of tomato juice! Don’t worry, the exercise will make up for the potential weight gain.

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