Lycopene Benefits
Fighting Disease With Lycopene

Lycopene – Useful in Fighting Disease

Despite the progress of medical science, the growth of dangerous diseases such as cancer have increased. Medical science has found medicines and treatments for most diseases but not for cancer. Cancer has remained a dangerous disease since it was identified by doctors, and a person can contract several different types of cancer. Many companies are looking at ways to prevent this and there are some cancers that can be treated if identified in the initial stage. Most people are diagnosed with breast cancer and prostate cancer. Breast cancer can be treated easily if found in early stages. The most useful stuff that can help cure breast cancer, as well as prostate cancer is lycopene.

Lycopene helps in curing many perilous diseases such as male infertility, gingivitis, cardiovascular disease, as well as cancer. Hundreds of studies have shown that the carotenoid lycopene assists prostrate and heart care. Lycopene also helps prevent certain types of cancer. Many studies have also shown that lycopene can be helpful in curing the dental problem known as gingivitis. Almost 1 in 10 people suffer from gum disease every day. Gum diseases are not only seen in adults but also among young people. The tooth and gum disease ranges from gum inflammation, gingivitis to serious ailments that results in damage of the bones. The studies have shown that the increase in gingivitis diagnosis results in hazardous cardiovascular and cancer disease – something lycopene can help fix.


Lycopene Cures Diseases

According to a general report, it is seen that the increased level of insulin (IGF-1) in the blood causes damage such as breast and prostate cancer. Lycopene can help prevent cancer by lowering the level of insulin in the blood. The study in hospitals on nurses and male physicians has found that men and women suffer from the same risk but Lycopene can help both equally.

The level of IGF-1 in the blood whether high or low is dangerous. A man with a high level of IGF-1 has more risk of contracting prostate cancer than a man with low insulin. Moreover in the case of women, the risk of getting breast cancer remains the same as in men. A woman who has menopause earlier than the usual age as well as having a high level of IGF-1 has more of a threat of getting breast cancer. To lower this risk, people can start taking lycopene-rich food such as oranges, apricots, watermelons and tomatoes. Lycopene not only prevents from disease but is also an anti ageing agent for many people.

Lycopene prevents the skin from getting damaged due to environmental changes. With the regular intake of lycopene, one can prevent early ageing and also increase strength of bones. Hence lycopene is not only medicine but also a beauty product.

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