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Lycopene Prostate Cancer Information

Lycopene Prostate Cancer

One frequently mentioned and researched antioxidant for cancer lycopene. Lycopene and cancer have been studied for years with many research teams coming to the conclusion that growth of cancer cells can be prevented by consuming either food which is rich in lycopene or through the use of lycopene supplements. Lycopene is in the cartenoid family and is considered by many to be a potent anti-oxidant with anti-cancer properties. The lycopene is said to protect the body from free radicals which are generated by the body and attack cells rapidly.

In studies testing lycopene prostate and livers were analysed and showed a significant reduced risk of prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer clinical trials have varied in results the majority have found that lycopene when combined with Vitamin E helps to inhibit the growth of tumours and prostate cancer. Sustaining high levels of lycopene vitamins in the prostate gland seems to be the best method for cancer prevention and has been proven to help prevent skin cancer as well. Cancers lycopene showed the most benefit gor in recent studies include cancers of the stomach, lung and prostate gland and since lycopene is not modified to Vitamin A in the body it can calso be linked to antioxidation and lycopene prostate health.


Lycopene Information

Lycopene and prostate problems have also been studied by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which has cast doubt over lycopenes potential to lower risk or prevent prostate cancer. However Harvard Medical School tested 47,000 males and found that eating 2 servings of tomatoes a week was associated with 22-34% reduced risk of prostate cancer with those eating more than 10 servings a week having 45% less risk of developing prostate cancer. Harvard concluded lycopene can be used as an anti-carcinogen. Using lycopene benefits for prostate health has alot of supporters and should definitely be considered to prevent cancer especially since side effects of lycopene are limited.

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