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A lot of people are not sure they are taking enough lycopene so take lycopene supplements. When doing this it is very important to take note of the dosage that will be effective. Lycopene health benefits are said to be numerous and as it is one of the most potent antioxidants it is important that people do get enough either through diet or a lycopene supplement. It is recommended that a daily does of 6 – 10mg of lycopene be taken, although some recommend up to 30mg of lycopene supplements be taken a day. With quality varying it is best to select a product produced at a GMP compliant facility (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Lycopene Health

Lycopene is not found naturally in the human body and must be consumed either from foods rich in lycopene nutrition such as tomatoes or through lycopene supplements. Many of these supplements contain multiple vitamins with the likes of X-Tend Life’s Total Balance containing over 75 specialised nutrients, lycopene vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts, antioxidants and amino acids. These supplements form a daily dose which is claimed to provide great health benefits and are a very efficient way to take your dose of lycopene. These supplements are generally not pricey and there are many sources of lycopene such as drug stores or online pharmacies and are well worth looking into. There are no special needs for lycopene to be taken in conjunction with any vitamin so any brand you trust is an acceptable form of lycopene source.

Lycopene supplements are more readily absorbed than natural lycopene and it is hard to get the right amount of lycopene absorbtion without taking a supplement. Some substances decrease the effect and absorption of lycopene and should be avoided such as cholestyramine, mineral oil, colestipol and orlistat. Some cheap lycopene sources have had their ingredients manufactured from petrochemicals and may contain impurities so should be avoided. There are some lycopene side effects which you should consider before purchasing and it is always wise to check with a pharmacist, doctor or your source of lycopene Prostate cancer is a big risk with men so these supplements are usually well worth the side effects.

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