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Tomato juice can ward off osteoporosis–study – Two glasses of tomato juice a day keeps osteoporosis risk at bay, according to a recent research conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada….

Tomatoes to the rescue – The cancer-fighting properties in those delicious red fruits made them even more palatable…

Lower Your Risk of Prostate Cancer – Prostate cancer has been touted by some to be an inevitable result of aging for men. That is an assumption worth questioning…

Health gem – If you do one thing this week. . . drink tomato juice for your bones. Could drinking tomato juice help protect bone health in post-menopausal women? A new study in Canada suggests there could be benefits….

Tomato juice helps reduce risk of osteoporosis – Good news for tomato lovers: scientists say two glasses of tomato juice a day can keep osteoporosis away! With more than three million people suffering from the illness in UK, it is definitely some good news to the week bones of Britons…


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