Tomato Juice Can Improve Your Workout

A recent study performed by Greek researchers was published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology that revealed tomato juice has a profound effect on harmful enzyme and protein levels in athletes. We’ve already seen research from various other studies that confirm that elements in the tomato help to reduce oxidative stress on the body, but this recent study suggests that consuming tomato just post-workout could aid in recovery.

The study was performed on a group of healthy participants who were made to exercise at 80% max heart rate for twenty minutes. This would be equivalent to a fast paced jog for most active people, and a fast paced walk for the more sedentary. After their workout, bloods levels were tested for signs of oxidative damages. The group that drank the tomato juice had significantly lower markers in their blood.

In previous articles I’ve discussed the effects of lycopene and it’s free-radical fighting nature. This study is just more proof of the power of our juicy red friend – the tomato. “Not just beneficial for heart health and cancer prevention, we may just be adding it to our gym’s minifridge for post workout use!”, said Rob a personal trainer in Austin Texas.

But before you go chugging cans of V8 instead of your usually post workout shake, keep in mind that stopping free radical and oxidation of the muscle is only part of the goal. Tomatoes lack protein, so you will still need to add fast absorbing protein such as whey to a recovery drink. With that in mind, I’m not too sure how tomatoes and whey will taste together… yuck.

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